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s/ web privacy
Request for web privacy policy.
PRIVACY | Records of the subject/chat, originating address and destination agent are retained until they are forgotten. Records may be forgotten at anytime either by the system or by the Identity. Forgetall will forget all of an Identity's Things. Things may contain nominal key accesible information. |
Collection and Use of Personal Information

What information do we collect
We collect the return address and subject of messages sent to our service along with the the Stackr agent(s) the message was sent to. Return addresses are unique personal identifiers. The type of address collected depends on the message exchange service used and can include cell phone numbers (SMS, Telegram), messenging service unique identifiers (such as the Facebook ID or Slack identifiers), and email addresses.
How we use the information we collect
From the information you provide, like juice from a lemon, Stackr extracts cues as to your intent by passing your message through a number of text filters. We observe patterns in the timing and type of your messages to match our response to your current situation, to understand your personal patterns, and so provide responses to you which are helpful and/or useful.
We tag the datagrams you provide with the insight from the multiple different agents we run on individual datagrams. You may view those resulting variables using our API service at<uuid>.
Information you share
You may choose to share (with others) the message and variables generated by our service through custom web links. By doing so, you make specific datagrams you have shared with us accessible to other persons - along with the information we have extracted or generated related to the datagram. You share these links via third-party message exchange services with unique key web links.
Information we share
Our servers are hosted in Montreal, Canada by third-party providers. Contextual and specific information to respond to certain requests is handled by third-party API providers. We do not provide your messaging services address fields to these providers. Other information in the datagram may be shared with these providers in order to fulful your request.
Cookies, web beacons and similar technologies
We record visits to our web links (including visits to specific image and other files) and use this information to provide cues to tailor our replies to the messages you send, and to see how you have responded to our replies to you.
How do we respond to legal requests
We respond to court ordered legal requests. We will make effort to advise you if such a request is received so that you can respond to it, unless the court order prevents us from doing so.
Personal Information Retention
Datagrams are deleted randomly by algorithm to keep the underlying message database within operational limits. Individual datagrams are assigned minimum retention ages. Once the datagram ages beyond that limit, it is included for deletion by the algorithm. Records may be retained by others in the form of backups, system snapshots, logs, caches as well as screenshots.
Information Protection
We use third-party providers to provide networking, storage, communications, and information services. Our cloud-based hosting provider states their servers are hosted in Canada.
We backup and snapshot the servers on an as-needed basis. Our (along with our hosting provider's) backups, caches and logs may retain personally identifiable information.
Your messages will also be subject to the data protection policies of the message exchange service (ie Facebook Messenger, Slack) you use to send messages to us. You should review those providers Privacy and Data Policies.
Personal Information Management
We provide three tools for you to manage the information stored in our Service. The command ‘Balance’ provides the overall microcurrency messaging service-based balance of datagrams you have deposited with us. ‘Age’ describes the age of the datagrams you have deposited with us in through the current messaging service. 'Forgetall' (or 'Forget all') forgets all messages sent to us from your current messaging service identity.
Where we are informed that a specific return address is associated with a child under 13 years old, we will take measures to prevent that channel address from accessing our Service.
Context and Location-Based Services
Our service uses the cues you provide to make reasonable guesses as to where you are and where you will be. Responses to our service can use third-party Application Program Interface (API) providers to build a response to your datagram. We do not share your address information with these providers.
Changes to this Policy
Github’s ‘Watch’ feature will be used to notify changes to this policy.
Privacy questions
If you have questions about our privacy policy please get in touch with us at
Stackr Interactive Ltd 16 February 2018

Thank you. Privacy is really important to Stackr. Records deposited with Stackr may be forgotten at any time. The address fields (to:, cc:, and bcc:) are stripped of non-Stackr emails, and the subject line is processed by Stackr. An instruction to Stackr to remove all message records associated with this email address can be sent to For a full statement of our privacy policy, please goto to

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